Organic Paints: safety for you and the earth!

With the discovery of new technologies and products, a market that is getting bigger is that of natural cosmetics. The pursuit of skin care, nail and health bet more and more on everything that nature has to offer. When it comes to hair, it could not be different: products that have the power to help the wires and are less aggressive to the scalp are the new bet for women suffering with damaged hair.

Therefore, organic paints appear as a new alternative: they are dyes that promise to color the hair, naturally, without attacking them.

Organic paint must have all natural characteristics.

In addition, ingredients that have been grown with the use of pesticides, fertilizers and synthetic fertilizers are banned.

They are an excellent outlet because they do not have substances that are often harmful to the hair, such as lead, ammonia and alcatrao. They are also an option for anyone who wants to discolor hair but has allergies to these components.

Organic dyes are therefore safest in terms of our health and environmental impacts. Stay tuned for the product labels and consult your hairdresser to understand the process!

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