At every moment, new treatments appear with the promise of making hair more beautiful than ever. And at this time of year, where sun exposure and sea and pool bathing can dry out and further damage the wires, it is good to understand the function of each one, in order to choose the best solution to recover and invigorate your Tresses

Verinha Santos, a professional at Casa Mauro Freire, explains that the first step before making the decision is to talk to your hairdresser. "It all depends on the professional's analysis, which is best suited to suggest the best treatment. What we usually take into account are the chemical procedures already performed, the frequency with which the wires are washed and the exposure to the sun, "he says. Renata Souza, partner of SPA Dios, also explains that another factor to be taken into account is the season. "In summer, the yarns have a greater dryness. The heat causes the scales to dilate, causing greater loss of nutrients and water, and the result is double tips, tangled strands, opaque ect. It is worth remembering that, exactly for this reason, we need to pay close attention to the hair in the pre-summer, with the intention of keeping it more silky. " has prepared a list of nine treatments that will help make your locks healthier. Look:

  • Collagen Treatment: Launched this month by the Dios Dios, is an alternative to protect the strands of external aggressors like sun, sea and pool, being a good option especially for blondes. "In addition to collagen, there are other important active principles to ensure hair health: protein, keratin and 13 types of amino acids that help preserve color - especially blond - and prevent the wires from getting green in contact with chlorine" , Says Renata. According to the specialist, the effect is immediate and there is a reduction of frizz, as the treatment helps to prevent dryness, taking away the porosity and ensuring more shine, elasticity and resistance to wires.
  • Cauterization: Better known, the procedure, clarifies Verinha, serves to leave the hair less porous and restores the keratin lost in chemical processes, making the wires shiny and silky. Cristhofer Gloe, Blend hair stylist, says that it is especially recommended for those who have extremely sensitive and brittle locks. "The application starts with deep cleansing shampoo and then applies the keratin, which stays in the hair for a few minutes. Then we rinse and we pass a moisturizing mask that must act for five minutes. The last step is washing and drying as you prefer, "he says. The specialist claims that cauterization is contraindicated for hair that is already healthy and with sufficient keratin in its fiber
  • Moisturizing: The name speaks for itself, and Seide Abdala, an orthomolecular doctor specializing in hair, says it is critical to regaining the wear and tear of the wires and the loss of moisture caused by external agents to which everyone is exposed, such as salt, dust, Dryer and flat iron. "It is a treatment that replenishes lost water and acts on the surface of the fiber. The creams act in the capillary emollience, sealing the scales ", he says, noting that alone is not enough for those who need to recover the structure lost in chemical treatments like smoothing. "The frequency with which the hydration is done depends on each hair. If it is very dry, the ideal is to perform every week, and the least dry, every 15 days or a month. Before passing the cream, however, a good wash with anti-waste shampoo is necessary ", he teaches.
  • Nutrition: Similar to hydration and with identical application, it is recommended as maintenance of a cauterization by Andreia Costa, owner of the Hair Pin salon. "It is possible to do at home and indicate the ampoules that are liquid, because they return the water lost without weighing the wires," he says. The contraindication is for those who have the oily root. The biggest benefit, according to Gloe, is the replenishment of nutrients and minerals.
  • Embroidery: Exclusive treatment of the Dios Dios, revitalizes the threads and minutely removes the double, dry and damaged tips, without touching the length, the cut or the volume, says Renata. "It is suitable for all types of hair. The double ends are carefully cut one by one with the scissors. This process requires extreme attention and does not change the length. The open scales are more receptive to the mask with vitamins and nutrients that is applied soon after. The softness is immediate, "says the specialist.
  • Sealing: The treatment acts almost like a smooth progressive, explains Verinha. "It closes the hair cuticles, reducing knots and frizz, but does not change its texture, ie it does not smooth. It is a procedure that provides for the strengthening and the birth of new wires, "he says. Gloe explains how it is done: "We use a deep cleaning shampoo and apply the product without using conditioner. We dry and we board. We must be cautious with chemically treated wires or light ones. A wick test is recommended before proceeding. "
  • Shielding: Indicated for hair that needs hydration and cauterization, that is, that are weak and dry, can be made on any wire. For the hair stylist of Blend, the main benefits of the treatment are to return water and oil to the locks, leaving them with luster, softness and silkyness. "At the same time, the procedure rebuilds the hair fiber internally, leaving the hair healthier and stronger."
  • Velatherapy: Good alternative for those who have damaged hair after the continuous use of finishers, dyes and reflexes. "It is indicated, mainly, to blondes, women of thin hair and / or hair with difficulty to grow. The technique consists of separating the strands into medium strands and passing the candle flame along them, "says Renata. The specialist of the SPA Dios clarifies that the goal is to unclog the channels through which vitamins and nutrients necessary to make the hair healthy. "The technique is also capable of eliminating double ends and recovering the texture and brightness of the threads, but the treatment is contraindicated for porous or elastic hair."
  • Reconstruction / Restoration: Reconstruction is indicated for dry and brittle hair and has an application similar to that of hydration. "And the effect is very similar to that of cauterization, but with less intensity. The procedure restores lost matter and keratin by reconstructing the hair fiber and returning proteins and minerals. The hair grows stronger and has a better texture, "says Gloe, who points out that hair donors who are not damaged or lack keratin should avoid it, under the risk of stiffening the hair fiber. Andreia draws attention to the importance of cutting the ends before rebuilding. "You should not abuse rebuilders. Imagine that it is a cement - inside the wire, in excess, it can harden and leave it brittle. "

    Moderation is essential

    The owner of Hair Pin argues that it is important to alternate treatments to prevent the wires from becoming impervious. "The ideal, for example, between a sealing or shielding is to make a cauterization so that the hair is always strong. If waterproof, it takes time to lighten up and does not absorb the nutrients from the treatments. "

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